AGM 2013 Agenda and Motions || November 24th @ The Twelve Hotel @ 4pm

AGM 2013 Agenda and Motions || November 24th @ The Twelve Hotel @ 4pm

Barna GAA will hold its annual general meeting on November 24th at the Twelve Hotel. The meeting will start at 4pm.

AGM Agenda / Clár


  • Minutes of 2012 A.G.M.
  • Adoption of Standing Orders
  • Chairman’s Address
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Development Chairperson’s Report
  • Ladies Chairperson’s Report
  • Juvenile Officer’s Report
  • Team Reports
    • U21 & Minor Report
    • Junior Report
    • Senior Team Report
  • Coaching Officer’s Report
  • Lotto Officer’s Report
  • PRO Report
  • Election of Tellers
  • Election of Executive Committee
    • Club President
    • Vice President
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Assistant Treasurer
    • Registrar
    • P.R.O
    • Coaching Officer
    • Oifigeach Gaeilge
    • Players Representative
  • Motions/Amendments to the Constitution
  • A.O.B.

 Executive Committee Nominees 

Position 2013 Officer Nominees
President Padraic Curran Padraic Curran
Vice President Bernie Conneely Bernie Conneely
Chairperson Johnnie Flaherty
  1. Johnnie Flaherty
  2. Aidan Brady
Vice Chairperson Mark McDonagh
  1. Mark McDonagh
  2. Eddie Walsh
Secretary Mary Conneely
  1. Mary Conneely
  2. Peter O’Fegan
Treasurer Yvonne Flaherty
  1. Damian Kelly
  2. Mary Hanley
Assistant Treasurer Davy Carr
  1. Davy Carr
  2. Danny McGovern
PRO Dara Bradley Dara Bradley
Coaching Officer Sean Gormley Sean Gormley
Oifigeach Gaeilge Piaras O’Mainin
  1. Piaras O’Mainin
  2. Sean O’Grainne
Registration Officer Tim McSweeney Tim McSweeney
Players Representative Brian Conneelly Brian Conneelly

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional amendments/changes require two thirds of members present to agree to the amendment.


 Amendment 1

That Barna GAA adopted a new club constitution which is adopted from the 2013 Official Playing guide along with amendments that have been made by Barna GAA to its current Constitution. A copy of the proposed new Constitution is available at

Proposer : Johnnie Flaherty


Amendment 2
The financial year of Barna GAA would end on September 30th

Proposer : Mark McDonagh


Amendment 3

The executive committee shall consist of the following officers : President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Coaching Officer, Oifig na Gaeilge, Club Registrar, Juvenile Chairperson, Ladies Chairperson, Lotto Officer
County Board Delegate, Child Protection Officer, Players Representative, Development Committee Chairperson

Proposer :: Mark McDonagh



Motion 1

I propose the following method of distribution of all Ireland tickets with the club. All applicants who apply for tickets must be club members and over eighteen. Three draws to take place with a percentage break down of tickets as follows, 60% to active club members, ie those coaching teams and involved in fundraising. The second draw to be 30% to all club members not involved in the first draw and the third draw to be 10% of the tickets drawn amongst club members who are native of another county other than Galway. These people are also eligible for the second draw but if they get a ticket in the second draw they are not eligible 3rd draw thereafter. It gives those from other counties who are club members an extra opportunity to get tickets. As has been historically the case, the three main officers, the chairman, secretary and Treasurer are entitled to claim on ticket if they so wish.

Proposer :: Bosco McDermott Jnr


Motion 2

The executive committee will examine the cost of family membership for 2014.

Proposer :: Damian Kelly

Standing Orders

  • The proposer of a resolution or amendment thereto may speak for 3 minutes but no longer.
  • A member speaking to a resolution or amendment shall not exceed 3 minutes
  • The proposer of a resolution or amendment may speak a second time, for 5 minutes, before a vote is taken, but no other may speak a second time to any resolution or amendment.
  • The Chairman shall at any time he considers a matter has been sufficiently discussed, call on the proposer to reply after which a vote will be taken.
  • A member may, with the consent of the Chairman, move “that the question be now put “, after which, when the proposer has spoken, a vote must be taken. Voting will be by “show of hands – in effect, the holding aloft of Voting Cards. Amendments to a motion may be proposed and seconded – in which event, a vote on the amendment will be taken before any vote is taken on the original/amended motion.
  • Tellers will count the votes for and the votes against the adoption of the Motion
  • All contests for officer positions will be via secret ballot.
  • The number of votes pertaining to personal elections will not be announced. If any candidate requires information on his/her specific vote, he/she can approach one of the Tellers will advise him/her of that specific number.
  • Candidates may request and will be granted a recount. Further recounts may only be requisitioned by a formal motion from the floor duly proposed and seconded and voted upon by those present.




The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the single most important meeting of the year for all GAA clubs. It is where account is given of the stewardship of the club for the previous year and where tentative plans for the following year are laid out. The AGM is also the meeting where the new executive of the club is elected and where Motions & Resolutions are debated and voted upon.



The Constitution is the overall rulebook for the club. Nothing in the “Standing Orders” can set aside any part of the Constitution. The current club Constitution can be downloaded at this link


Who can attend?

Anyone who is a paid up Adult member, regardless of when they paid, is welcome to attend but there are tighter rules on who can vote.

From time to time, the club executive may invite special guests (e.g. public dignitaries, GAA officials etc) to observe or address an AGM. The presence of any guests will be notified to the membership and guests cannot vote.



The Club Registrar will have a Registration List of the Full Members. On entry, Full Members will be invited to sign-in against the Registration List. Before Counting of Votes begins, the total number of Members registered, adjusted for those who remain absent from the meeting, will be advised to the Tellers.


Who can Vote?

The Constitution places a strict interpretation on who can enjoy the full privileges of the club, including voting. Only fully paid up adult members who have paid their subscription before 1st August can vote at the AGM. If you have paid after this date, you will not be able to vote and you may be directed to sit in a designated section of seating.



Tellers are independent Members present at the AGM who have no vested interest in the outcome of votes and who are regarded by those present to be trust-worthy and honest. Tellers are proposed and seconded at the AGM and are responsible for distributing Ballot Papers, counting votes and advising results to the chairperson.


Ballot Papers

Ballot Papers with candidates’ names and the roles against which they have been nominated will be prepared in advance of the AGM. These Ballot Papers will be held by the Rúnai and passed to the Tellers on their election.


Unfilled Vacancies

If a position does not receive formal nominations or if a nominated candidate is rejected by the meeting, the chairperson will invite Nominations from the floor. If no nominations are forthcoming or if that candidate is also rejected, the vacancy will be referred to the incoming executive who will deal with it according to the rules laid out in the Constitution.


Close of the Meeting

When the chairperson formally closes the meeting, responsibility for the affairs of the Club transfer to the newly elected executive.

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