Coaches Night 2012 with Caroline Currid

Coaches Night 2012 with Caroline Currid

This years coaches night will take place on Friday March 30th at 8pm in Donneellys. All managers,coaches and selectors are invited to attend. As per tradition there will be an invited speaker, the speaker this year will be Caroline Currid.

Caroline Currid is recognised as one of the leading performance coaches in Irish sporting circles. However, her philosophy and coaching techniques can be applied to any walk of life to help you and your team to fulfil that unlimited potential.

In modern society, people at every level, sporting or otherwise, are faced with many challenges, physical, mental and technical. People work hard to improve those skills but in order to reach their ultimate potential, particularly at the elite level of sports, complete psychological preparation is critical to success.

The individualized psychology program is developed to suit your specific needs. Performance Coaching will allow you, your coaches and mentors to become mentally tough and get the edge on their competitors and feel prepared for competition and challenges ahead.

Caroline ensures that excellence through her Performance coaching and delivers results and winning ways. However, she can apply those winning techniques in every area – business, sport, education, corporate and individual achievement. She will bring you the latest skills to raise your individual and team performance and to maximise your competitive advantage.

Caroline Currid BSc MSc (Biography)

Caroline has a number of clients across the broad spectrum of Irish sport but her achievements as a performance coach in the field of Gaelic Games have been ground-breaking. In 2008, she worked with All-Ireland football champions Tyrone. In 2009 and 2010, she was Performance coach with the Tipperary hurlers, assisting them to become All-Ireland champions for the first time in ten years. In 2011, she was an integral part of the Dublin footballers’ backroom team as they bridged a 16 year gap to win the All-Ireland title.

What some of the players who have worked with Caroline have publicly stated about her Performance coaching:

“I was listening to too many people and worrying too much about my opponent’s strengths. I now find myself playing with a greater freedom, that I focus more on my own game without over analysing it, which is where Caroline came in, helping me come up with some little buzzwords to keep myself loose.” – Kevin Nolan (Dublin) Man-of-the-match in the 2011 All-Ireland football final.

“In the past, I would have been wrecked with nerves before a big game. But this summer, I talked it through with Caroline and we worked it out. She just had a very simple and honest way of dealing with you. She’d hear you out and then between us we’d come up with the best way to approach it.” – Kevin McMenamin (Dublin) scorer of Dublin’s goal in the 2011 All-Ireland football final.

“Caroline Currid is like a sister, she’s so easy to talk to.” – Tipperary’s Lar Corbett, scorer of three goals in the 2010 All-Ireland hurling final.

“Before I’d have put too much pressure on myself taking frees. I’d be thinking ‘This HAS to go over’ Caroline taught me to relax and take a few deep breaths and think more ‘This IS going over'” – Tommy McGuigan (Tyrone), goalscorer in the 2008 All-Ireland final.

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching strives to help a person perform better. Increasing performance even a little bit can have a dramatic impact on athletes, teams, managers and the bottom line of most companies.

Performance coaching produces substantial results – on many levels.

Many organizations are investing more in Performance coaching because they’ve realised it can really make a difference, not only to the performance of executives, managers, high potential professionals, but it leads to real business results as well.

Performance Coaching is powerful because it helps us to eliminate obstacles, to focus on what can be done.

The General benefits of Performance coaching

It is not just in the sporting field that the general benefits can maximize potential because Performance coaching can:

•     Improve performance and increase productivity in all aspects of your business and personal life

•     Acquire the comprehensive energy management skills required to make energy investments in the life areas that matter most

•     Understand how to develop greater resilience and flexibility in the face of non-stop stress

•     Explore how to effectively expand energy capacity in order to improve productivity

•     Develop rituals to support enhanced performance and replace non-effective habits that potentially compromise success of any important objective

•     Discover how to tap into a deep reservoir of energy and purpose to turn that increased energy into increased effectiveness

•     Enhance personal and organizational engagement

•     Develop and implement full engagement initiatives

•     Develop and implement employer of choice initiatives

Enhance overall health and wellness

Caroline understands what motivates people and keeps performance coaching simple by blending cutting edge research with her own practical experiences of what works at the top. Her experience with working alongside some of the countries elite sportspeople and best sports teams ensures that she continues to deliver innovative solutions for her high performing clients across sport and business.

Caroline’s core philosophy is about steering people towards what they want to achieve.

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

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