Physio Policy



In January 2010, the GAA Insurance Company, changed its injury scheme in relation to physiotherapy treatment for all players. From that date, the GAA scheme covers post‐ operative physiotherapy treatment only. In other words, it does not cover physiotherapy for injuries that do not require surgery. The Executive Committee of the Club is aware of the financial burden that this change may place on players in the event of them receiving an injury which requires treatment. As a result, it is proposed to support players’ welfare through the following steps, while at the same time protecting the financial viability of the Club.


It is the responsibility of the individual player or player’s parent to ensure that where a claim is to be made that all relevant documentation and procedures are followed.

Report the injury:

An injury form must be completed and submitted within 7 days of the injury occurring.

The form must be signed by the manager of the team who was present at the time the injury occurred.

Player pays the physiotherapist:

All treatment must be paid for upfront by the player to the physiotherapist. The player can then seek a refund.

Claim through own personal / schools insurance first:

Any costs accrued due to injury are to be claimed through the player’s own medical insurance or in the case of younger players through the schools insurance scheme. Only claims that are not reclaimable thru the player’s own private medical or schools insurance may be submitted.

To Claim Reimbursement:

1. The player must submit the completed injury form signed by his/her team manager within 7 days of the injury occurring

2. The player must submit original receipts for treatment within 21 days of the treatment.

3. If the player is not covered by their own personal or schools insurance Barna GAA will reimburse the player at a rate of €40 per treatment up to a maximum of 5 sessions.

4. If the player wishes to claim for more than 5 treatment sessions, the player must be medically accessed by a GP. A written recommendation from the GP giving details of the treatment plan should then be submitted to the club. The Club will reimburse the player at the rate of €40 each for the medically recommended number of treatments.

The club will also reimburse the player for the GP visit at the rate charged by the GP or €50 whichever is the lower

Paid Up Members:

Payment will only be made if the player’s club membership has been fully paid.


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