Cruinniú Cinn Bhliana

Motion 1 : Move to Corporate Trustee

  • That Iontaobhas Corparaideach Chumann Luthchleas Gael Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Rathaiochta (Company No.547180), Company Limited by Guarantee, with its registered office at Croke Park, Dublin 3, Dublin D03P6K7 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Corporate Trustee) be appointed Trustee for an on behalf of the Club in accordance with Clause 1(b)(i)(c) of the Code of Trustees.
  • That the Club’s Constitution be amended at Clause 10 to read – ‘The Club’s real property shall be held in accordance with the Official Guide of the Association as promulgated from time to time, the relevant provision of which shall be deemed incorporated into this Constitution.’
  • That the Club accepts the resignation of the existing Club Trustees which resignation will become effective on the transfer of the title to the property registered to the existing Club Trustees under Folio GY108097F (hereinafter called “the Trust Property”) to the Corporate Trustee and release of the existing Club Trustees from the Charge referred to at para 4 below.
  • That the Corporate Trustee implement and effect a new charge over the Trust Property with Clann Credo CLG releasing the existing Club Trustees from the existing charge.
  • That all of the existing Club Trustees sign any documents that may be required to be signed to effect the matters passed as Resolutions at this meeting.

Proposer : Damien Kelly Seconder Mark McDonagh